How to make your sex life more fun?


For those among you who want to turn your sexcapades into a more fun, vigorous and pleasant activity, you have basically two options. The first one is having THA conversation with your girl, which is probably going to result in a break-up. And the second one is doing something new and adventurous.

Why do adventures have such a great impact on our sex drive?

First, it’s all about doing something new. Our brain doesn’t like doing the same boring things again and again, day in day out. It needs some novelty, some change, from time to time. So, you need to find some movies sex that are out of the beaten track and watch them together with your companion.

Second, whenever you do something adventurous (fuck outside, do banjo jumping or do a bit public groping), you get scared and ashamed a bit.

This results in the production of adrenaline in your blood. And this compound is known to trigger some serious lust in your body.

Third, you feel closer together, as struggling with some adverse environment together. This is how our predecessors used to “have fun”!