What to do if you want something new in your sex life?

Lots of couples find out that the passion doesn’t hold long into their relationships. Just a couple of years after they’ve tied the know, there’s not that sexual tension left to power their sex lives.

This happens because our brains like to have surprises and new experiences. Spice up your love-making and you’ll be much happier.

What to do?

First, experiment with watching various types of porn, such as interracial sex movies, BDSM or gangbang. Nobody says that you’d want to expose yourself to such practices IRL, but watching is one exhilarating experience.

Second, consider hooking up with a cam girl. She can be from anywhere around the world. Fuck your girlfriend right in front of her. Masturbate together.

Third, shop for sex toys. These small things can power up your sexcapades a lot – you can do DP and much more together, bring your closer than ever before.

Talking to your sweetheart doesn’t work that well because she’ll get defensive fast, but doing some novel and exciting activities together works super great.