Alien Sex

An unfamiliar feeling came over me, as she ran her nails down my back followed by the sensation of her long curly hair running over my body. She was my aphrodisiacal addiction. The mere smell of her perfume was intoxicatingly different.

Her touch was like nothing I had ever experienced. Beyond animalistic, she knew no boundaries. I enslaved my body to her every burning desire. She’s like some sort of eccentric extraterrestrial. Her blissful embrace was an out of this world experience. Obsessed by her form of worshiping my body, a deep insecurity grew within me, leaving one pertinent question unanswered;

How could I find a way to reciprocate this high caliber level of ecstasy?

You know very well that your little sex routine that you’ve performed in the past will be insufficient. The last thing you want, is to leave her unsatisfied or wrongfully categorizing you as average. The best sex that you’ll have in your entire life will feel out of this world.

Through my remarkable and bizarre sexual journey I’ve come to realize that good sex, great sex and animalistic sex, although enjoyable, is not sexual Nirvana. The supreme sexual experience is something that I’ve baptized Alien Sex. It took me roughly seventeen years and thousands of orgasms to discover it. But I found it, explored it and I’m ready to share it with you. It’s an indispensable part of your odyssey to mastering your sexuality.

So how do you reciprocate?

The answer to that is quite simple; It’s not about what you do, it’s HOW you do it. Everybody’s trying to figure out what to do and apply what they learn as best they can. Hardly anybody focuses on the HOW. The HOW for example, isn’t just about grabbing her ass during doggy style. The HOW, is the manner you grab it, where and how strong you hold on to it. THE HOW is consciously transmitting through body language how you feel about the other person using sexually eccentric mannerisms.

Years ago, I went out with a French Canadian girl that loved receiving massages in bed. While most men would have just done their best to massage, I took it a step further, perfecting the HOW. One of my friends back then was a massage therapist and I asked him If he could give me a crash course on massages and erotic stimulation. The feedback from my new found touch was  better than I expected.

Not only did she like it, she told me;  “No man has ever put his heart into satisfying me like you do. I’ve had men love me before but they didn’t put any effort into HOW they expressed that love”.

Her reaction was so stunning, it made me want to further explore the topic. In the following years, I progressively applied my personal touch to every aspect of sexuality. My objective shifted from ‘what’ to ‘HOW’. How can I eat her like a champion? How can I touch her in unforgettable ways?

The HOW is the difference between being the exception that will make her addicted to you or simply ‘one of many predictable and generic men she’s had’. It’s not just about learning freaky positions, it’s about putting your brand on them. Your special touch that will make her think or say out loud; “This guy’s different”. The HOW is constantly thinking in terms of; What manner can I touch her that will make me stand out from all the other men? How can I express my sexual self differently from other men to become her one-of-a-kind Alien fixation?
Here are some ideas to help you out

Your Touch

Instead of being pornographically predictable, try integrating sensuality, romance and love into the way you touch. Distance yourself from the mechanical techniques of touching a woman. Strive for unconventionality. Going for her breasts? Instead of aggressively attacking them, be sensual, embrace them, tease them and escalate the sensations. You have so many ‘tools’ to work with; your tongue, lips, teeth, nose, hands and eye lashes. Being present and using your ‘tools’ to their full potential will ultimately drive her crazy.

Your Voice

For most of us, god gave us a voice. It’s not just what you say, it’s the tone of voice you use and how strongly you convey what you feel. It’s the difference between saying, ‘Honey, I love your curves’ on a normal tone and vocalizing it differently through adopting a sensual tone combined with a passionate gaze. How you convey your words will be instrumental to your success. Choosing the right words is just as important. We underestimate the power of words and the stimulation they can provide to the female imagination. By carefully choosing your vocabulary and manicuring your tone, you’ll inevitably push her over the edge.

Your Motion

Have you ever seen how Caucasian men move in bed compared to Blacks and Latinos? Caucasians generally don’t integrate rhythm and soul in their motion. Caucasians are robotic and crisp while other races have more flow, actively using their hips and shoulders. If we emulate their movements and approach sex as rhythm in harmony, you will achieve a greater connection with our partner. Further strengthening your overall performance and distinguishing yourself from most men. So gyrate, passionately synchronize, flow together and enjoy superior sexual symbiosis.

Alien Sex is utilizing all your God given assets and implementing them through presence and personalized branding. It’s a culmination of all the little things you do exceptionally well. Alien Sex is finding a way to be sensationally unique, distancing yourself as far as possible from the predictabilities of conventional sex.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no right or wrong way to have sex, just YOUR WAY. Include your corky, wild, animalistic side to your lovemaking. Don’t feel obliged to fit in the sexual mold that society has set out for you.

On a final note, I leave you with a quote from Tony Bentley; “If a man can possess a woman sexually -really possess- he won’t need to control her ideas, her opinions, her clothes, her friends, even her other lovers”. Well said Tony, well said.