9 Tips What Women Want In A Relationship

Research shows that most men have totally no idea of what do women want in a relationship. Are you one of them? Right now, you might be confused by what is your woman thinking right now. It is not easy to understand a woman at times.

However, if you can tell what women want, loving them can never be any easier. The world of women differs significantly than the world men live in.

That’s the reason why many men believe that women are the most enigmatic and complicated beings ever existed on Earth. At times, women’s actions or inactions throw men into complete paralysis of not knowing what to do. Knowing what women want from their men is crucial to a successful relationship with women.

You just simply need to understand women!

What do women want in a relationship?

I concur that all women are unique creations of God and each one of them differs from another in terms of physical, mental and emotional aspects. But generally, they all seek about the same thing in men, especially to the one that they pledge the remainder of their live with! Here are the few:

1. Sense of security.

Any woman needs a hard, masculine bosom to lean on, to rely on. This thinking was passed down generations ago when men are considered to be the family’s bread winner. Although women nowadays are more independent, they still carry that little of reliance nature with them, subconsciously. So, be decisive in major issues, but do allow her to have a say when it comes to trivial decisions.

2. Stability.

Women love a balanced life, and a sense of certainty. It’s alright to keep her guessing as long as it’s not too extensive. Women won’t want her man to keep travelling around and hard to get hold of in times of difficulties.

3. Confirmation.

She wants to be treated as an individual, not object. She loves the moment when her man tells her that she matters in his life.

4. Trustworthiness.

If you’re not trustworthy in her eyes, you might as well forget about the relationship. Women want men who are completely open to them, which mean no hidden or shadowy secrets between the both of you. If you are dishonest, you are putting the relationship at risk.

5. Personal space.

After she’s married, or attached to you, remember that she’s not living your life. She’s still entitled to her own hobbies or going to her preferred beauty salon!

6. Children.

This is dependent on the woman that you’re with. Some women prefer to raise a child with you, while some others prefer not to. You’ll have to figure that out!

7. Faithfulness.

This is extremely important. A man who is not loyal to a woman wouldn’t earn her trust. Similarly, a man should only marry the woman who inspires him to behave like this. Let’s run a test. When you’re in a mall with your woman, is the reason for not paying attention to other women due to you are with your wife? Or is it because you’re just disinterested in others? If your answer is the latter, then congratulations, you’ve found your life partner!

8. Gratefulness.

Women want men to pay apt attention to them, and be thankful for having her.

9. Affection and companionship.

Now here’s the trend. Most women end up marrying her best «special» male friend. Best friends could talk about any topics and give her constructive opinions.

What a «special» friend can do is on top of what best friends can give her, he also gives her the sense of romance. Your chances skyrocket if you possess these attributes.

These are what women want out of a relationship. Aren’t these similar to what you’re looking for in a relationship as well? All the best in finding your fair lady!